The most ancient Hotel in San Jose’s is Hotel Montgomery, it is however very modern. It was built by the well known TS Montgomery businessman in 1911 and was one of the first modern establishements in that area of town.

It originally had 142 rooms, a ballroom, a restaurant and two dining rooms. The building had a U shape with 6 balconies, the facade was made of pergola colored bricks this gave it a very attractiv touch and one of the most beautifull Hotels in San Jose California at the time being.

Due to it’s architectural design and special reinforced concrete construction it is viewed as historically imporant. It is also linked to a lot of influent people in San Jose. It is eligible for the National Register of Historical Places, and is on the California Register of Historical buildings. It is a magnificent hotel which is worth preserving and will always be an example of luxury and style.


This refined treasure Hotel Montgomorey of san Jose now has 86 rooms. In 2004 once the reconstructions had been completed it was viewed once again as a top quality hotel for it’s taste, comfort and superbe design compared to other Hotels in the area. It is now fully modern and equipped to host chic businessmen. It’s posh and contemporary style will content any guest.


Hotel Montgomer thanks to some very impressive engineering has been moved 186 feet south from it’s initial location. It was achieved sucessfully and the building remained undamaged and it was the first time such a feat was accomplished in year 2000

The Hotels is easily accessible by the major freeways. It is in the heart of down town San Jose and only a few minutes walk away from public transport, which makes it a perfect location.

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